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  Video Segments from Pro Auto Talk Show with Tom Stokes
      Season One; 

Mike Nast - Facebook Changes affects auto dealers search engine rankings.

    1.20 Joy Wilder Morgan & Jennifer Reid Equifax NEW Products Interview

Jim Farley - Executive Vice President Ford Motor Company Interview



Kurt J McNeil - VP Chevrolet Motors Interview



Avi Steinlauf - CEO of NEW Products Interview



Dale Pollak - Founder vAuto NEW Products Interview



David Amgelo - Founder / Chief Creative Officer David & Goliath Interview



Joe Verde - Joe Verde Interview


Ken Engberg - VP of Marketing Dealertrack Technologies Interview



Kevin Filan from Interview


Tracking the Pro Auto Talk YouTube Channel  from launch, Feb 1st 2014 through March 1st 2014 ( first 30 days) ,  Pro Auto Talk video segments have received over 257,000 views and estimated minutes watched of over 931,000 (See below screen shot) proven to already be another hit show for Drew Person Network.  Pro Auto Talk is becoming the leader in Automotive Industry News and Entertainment. Visit our FAQ page to find out more stats and reports on magazine and TV show.




DALLAS, TX (December 17, 2013), Cowboys Legend “The Original 88” Drew Pearson and Tom Stokes announce another show titled Pro Auto Talk “More Than Just Cars” hosted by Tom Stokes. Tom shares real life stories of his own personal 17 years experience in the automotive industry coupled with engaging guests and informative interviews. 

The show is sponsored by True Invoice ( ) giving it a more national feel. The review segments are titled True Reviews © keeping the brand at the forefront. The show was launched January 24th 2014 in New Orleans LA during the NADA 2014 Expo securing several exclusive interviews with industry leaders such as Kurt J. McNeil VP U.S. Sales Operations for Chevy, Buick, GMC and Cadillac , James D. Farley, Jr. executive vice president of Global Marketing Ford Motor Company, Joy Wilder Morgan & Jennifer Reid Equifax , David Angelo Chief Creative Officer from David & Goliath, Kenneth Engberg VP Marketing Dealertrack Technologies, Dale Pollak Founder vAuto, Kevin Filan VP Customer Marketing, Joe Verde Top Automotive Sales Trainer, Avi Steinlauf CEO, and many others.. 

In addition to interviews with automotive industry leaders, Tom has recruited Paul Salfen, ( Entertainment Host from The Drew Pearson Show FOX Sports. Paul will bring A list actors, musical guest and sports athletes on the show. The segment is titled Pro Auto Talk: True Review with Stars. Salfen will test drive a car with a star and get their take on the features and benefits. The segment will focus on Paul and guest star walking into dealerships unannounced to drive what consumers could buy. Dallas Cowboys Legend Drew Pearson and Vince Neil of Motley Crue are amongst many scheduled to appear on the show. 

If you would like more information about Pro Auto Talk Show or you would like to be a guest on Pro Auto Talk Show please contact Jennifer Miller  ph. 214.450.7191


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  A few of Paul Salfen's favorite interviews.. Enjoy!!  
  Sandra Bullock  
  Justin Timberlake  
  Val Kilmer  
  Keanu Reeves  
  Matthew McConaughey  
  Chazz Palmenteri  
  A couple vehicle promo's from Paul Salfen  
  Paul Salfen  Dodge Dart  
  Paul Salfen Dodge Ram  
  Paul Salfen Ford F150  
  A couple vehicle promo's from Mike Nast  
  Mike Nast Dodge Dart   
  Mike Nast Dodge Ram  
  Cowboys Legends Drew Pearson and Randy White  


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