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Reach the most qualified candidates by posting your job opening on our online at PAT Career Center. Quickly post job openings and manage your online recruiting efforts with ease by using the form to the right.


Preparation for an upcoming job interview requires the development of a strategic plan to assess a candidate's current and future potential within the dealership. Proper job interview techniques foster an understanding of the goals and requirements of the position, while ascertaining information pertaining to the important characteristics related to the candidate's character, skills and knowledge. Conducting an effective job interview allows employers to hire the right candidate and thus reduce potential future expenses, such as recruitment and training, related to finding replacements especially in the car business. Let's face it the days of hiring someone just because they can sell 30 cars a month is long gone. Good luck and happy head hunting.


Extend a warm welcome to each candidate. Help candidates open up by introducing yourself and offering a brief overview of the company. Demonstrate an eagerness to develop a rapport with the candidate by providing feedback and engaging in conversation to help ease the stress that typically comes with interviewing for a new position. Warm up by asking a few simple opening questions, including information pertaining to degrees earned, past employers and other questions with simple answers.

Give a full description of the position. Include any pertinent information, such as the amount of travel required, the overall function and responsibilities of the position, and any expectations related to the position. This ensures the candidate fully understands the requirements of the position.

Develop pointed questions. Review the candidates application and resume to develop a list of questions prior to the interview. Questions should require an in-depth response, not a simple yes or no answer. Consider asking questions concerning previous accomplishments, past failures and future goals.

Seek to fully understand a candidate's responses. Probe further to get accurate answers to any questions not fully answered by the candidate. Listen actively and stay focused on the current question at hand.

Avoid discriminatory questions. Questions related to age, sex, religion and race don't belong in an interview environment, and represent a violation of the applicant's legal rights. Consult an attorney while developing an interview strategy for clarification if necessary.

Allow the candidate to ask questions. Properly prepared candidates will have questions concerning position requirements, benefits and advancement potential. Provide an opportunity to address any concerns or questions the candidate may have at the end of the interview.






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