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Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?


Tom Stokes with Ken Engberg VP of Marketing  Dealertrack Technologies, Inc. NADA 2014



In the 90's I would walk past my GSM's office and he would always ask the same question about a car deal. "Hey Stokes you get that deal hung?" proudly and with extreme confidence I would always reply "Yes" I secured car loans for consumers, the old fashion way .. via fax and phone calls.

In 2000 I sat in F&I in Baton Rouge LA  flipping from my ADP screen to Dealertrack screen waiting for this magical green check to appear next to my customers name thinking to myself "Wow" is this where the future of F&I is headed? I wanted to call Chase indirect and find out the status but was told I didn't have to? The salesman and I sat across from each other watching the screen as I hit refresh for the 20th time.. pending.. pending ... and finally a green check.  We looked at each other and I said "I guess they are approved go get em" as the salesman left to bring his customer back to my business office and as I was grabbing contracts out of filing cabinets to stick in my dot matrix printer the phone rang. 

It was Hibernia indirect saying that they received my fax and wanted to see if I could cut back the advance and fax over a book out sheet. I told my rep "Its already approved via Dealertrack". There was an awkward moment of silence as if both of us were thinking the same thing. "This Dealertrack thing is the future for sure"


The new millennium was here with all these new "online tools" for the car business and either you got on board or get left behind. Fast forward 15 years. Today I am standing in front of Ken Engberg, VP of Marketing for Dealertrack Technologies, Inc. thinking to myself "Has it really been 15 years since my first green check?"  WOW and where do we go from here? What will the next 15 years bring? I don't know but I hope I am around to see what Dealertrack comes up with. Will you walk into a showroom some day, stand in front of a screen and click the car you want, click the color you want and wait as this robot rolls out your car you just built 20 minutes ago? Maybe, but I bet you the process to get it from touch screen to drive out Dealertrack would have something to do with making sure everything is virtually approved with copies of your contract emailed to you as you sit behind the wheel and glance over your bank agreement with Google glasses.


Tom Stokes

An old car dog with new tricks ..

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Dealertrack Technologies, Inc.
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 New Online Automotive Solutions - Tom Stokes with Ken Engberg VP of Marketing Dealertrack Technologies, Inc. NADA 2014