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  Do You Have A Magic Cat? Tom Stokes catches up with David Angelo at NADA New Orleans 2014.  He and his magic cats are the creative geniuses behind the Motley/KIA commercial, Lady Gaga, Matrix and many more.   DAVID ANGELO
Founder / Chief Creative Officer
David & Goliath   Twitter   Facebook
“Do what you fear. Watch it disappear."


  2014 KIA Matrix Super Bowl Commercial Starring Laurence Fishburne  —  Morpheus, from the 1999 film The Matrix.  
  THE MATRIX, THE MATRIX RELOADED, THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS: TM & © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (s14)  

Today is the BIG GAME, The SUPER BOWL, I'm getting a little antsy as I wait for the show to begin. Super Bowl XLVIII, the showdown between the Seattle Seahawks (15-3) and the Denver Broncos (15–3), promises to be a good game, With Richard Sherman over shadowing his QB … Umm what’s his name?? Russell Wilson and the every so talented, classy, professional good ole boy Peyton Manning (New Orleans Native) but many viewers, me included, will tune in to watch advertising's creative talent go head-to-head. That’s what Drew Pearson and I will do as we do every year since Dallas Cowboys are bench warmers at 8-8 again.

Ok don’t get us started on Cowboys or Jerry Jones. Today for us it’s about innovative messages in-between Peyton throwing ducks and yelling “Omaha, Omaha” It’s about getting the attention of the fans using the power of TV coupled with the cutting-edge technology of Facebook,. Twitter and mixing it all together within one BIG 60 second splash.

I think it’s pretty fitting to have the top two teams in the NFL and the top creative minds competing in front of millions on screen and on social media platforms. Think about if Steve Jobs , Mean Joe Green and others had the platform we have today.

When I am not producing The Drew Pearson Show ( FOX Sports) I am running around the country with Vince Neil of Motley Crue. I always thought that was a great combo - Football and Rock N Roll - and in 2011 so did this other guy David Angelo. David is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer at David and Goliath. Who is he, well I had no clue until Vince said to me one day.  “Hey Tommy we are doing a Super Bowl commercial” meaning him and Motley.. Not him and I *snap* “that’s cool Vince who for” I replied.. He said KIA .. It was kind of loud where we were talking over sound check at first I thought he said KIA.. I pointed to my ear with me finger and pointed up (Universal Rock N Roll sign language meaning I can’t hear shit because someone want to check full throttle.) Vince came closer and said “KIA bro” as he was holding a make believe steering wheel in mid-air. I said “Oh cool.” If Vince was excited so was I. Have to admit I was a little skeptical.- I mean KIA? Why not Dodge, Chevy or Ford? 


That was in August 2011. I get the link sent to me and see the Motley/KIA commercial for the first time.. Wheel spinning, smoke from the tire, hot girls in the stands cheering on this guy as he races around the track while Vince Neil is pointing to him singing “Kick Start My Heart” with Nikki, Tommy and Mick backing him up as fire and lights blew up the stage with Motley Crue while Adriana Lima waives a flag ( half naked) and Chuck Liddell kicks someone’s head off.  "A Dream Car, For Real Life"  What did I just watch? I refreshed ( Ha refreshed not rewind anymore) and watched it again and again. I left my computer thinking “Man I need to go check out the new KIA for real.” So did a few others. In February/ March 2012  Kia Optima sales surpass 30,000 units after the Super Bowl Commercial.  Now look, you got to understand something, I am in the car business. Sales and marketing cars for over 18 years and for me to get excited about a car as well as motivated enough to go check one out is a pretty big deal. Check out all the work from David & Goliath as they continue to defy odds.  WATCH


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